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The Abhilasha's Talk Show

A deep soulful conversation with people who have understood life in an enhanced manner helps–it’s kind of like reading several live books at a time. It enriches your persona and your whole life. And that’s how the idea of “Talk Show ” emerged and the aim is to work on flourishing it by meeting and discovering individuals from the field like yoga, Ayurveda, ancient sciences, sports and quantum wellbeing.

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At the yoga studio, we often receive inquiries from new yogis, particularly those interested in weight loss. These new yogis typically have basic knowledge about the tradition of yoga and its practices. As yoga teachers, we have the opportunity to converse with a diverse group of people, often over the phone. However, without sufficient knowledge, some new yogis expect answers they want to hear, not necessarily the correct information. So, let’s delve into understanding the different forms of yoga and how they can aid in weight loss.

Yoga Stories

Meenakshi Bakshi
HR professional
Megha Parasarrampuria
Smruti Joshi
Vinitaji, Reiki
Mona Rauka
Reiki Teacher
Anju Gadia
Benni Prasad Rauka